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wisepop wrote in adarshan_novels
If you have come across this page then I'm guessing it's unlikely to be a coincidence! It would probably take a special search to find this page ;). If you are here you probably enjoyed the Adarshan no Hanayome manga. I'm hoping to allow interested people who can't read Japanese to enjoy the novels too. The prologue translation (part 1) will hopefully be posted in about a week. Until then welcome if you should find this page and be interested!

Please note translations will be 1) very slow and 2) have no guarantee of accuracy. I've decided to read/translate them mainly as a way to practice my bad Japanese and because I was interested in them after reading the manga. Since I saw in some forums related to the manga that people may be interested in the novels I've decided to put any translations I do online, since there is no point in hogging good things to myself :)

There are 9 novels in the series. The manga was a short summary of the first novel. I will be beginning from the first novel. It will honestly take about ten years to translate them all, I don't guarantee that I will ever finish but I will try!

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Thanks for your hard work! I had no idea that the manga was an adaption of a novel. I was kinda bummed about how the manga left off, so now I really wanna read the novels!
Do you happen to know anyplace that I can find scans online? Or did you purchase the physical books?
Anyways thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for the comment. I bought the physical books, second hand at that - I think they're out of print. I never saw any scans online though I never searched.

Thanks for answering so quick! I'll have to haunt the used book stores then. Mwahaha thanks again!

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